The Trend for 2016 in the Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Part 2

In our previous post we have discussed the trends in the wedding anniversary gifts for 2016 for the first three years. Let’s continue. 4th Anniversary – Flowers/Fruits Conventionally, flowers or fruits symbolize a fruitful or blossoming relationship. Some gift suggestions for a 4th wedding anniversary include: Rose bush Engraved glass flower token A basket full of fruits Cut flowers 5th Wedding Anniversary – Wood Wood symbolizes a long lasting and stable marriage. Suggested gift ideas include: Wooden commemorative plaque Personalized […]

The Trend for 2016 in the Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Part 1

Wedding anniversaries are occasions that provide the perfect opportunity for people to express their love for each other. You can celebrate this great day by settling for the best gift for those that matter to you. Whether you are giving a wedding anniversary gift to your husband, wife, or a friend, it is prudent to provide one that makes the recipient feel pleased, special, and happy. Regardless of whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or the 50th one, it […]