The Trend for 2016 in the Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Part 2

In our previous post we have discussed the trends in the wedding anniversary gifts for 2016 for the first three years. Let’s continue.

4th Anniversary – Flowers/Fruits

anniversary flowers giftConventionally, flowers or fruits symbolize a fruitful or blossoming relationship. Some gift suggestions for a 4th wedding anniversary include:

  • Rose bush
  • Engraved glass flower token
  • A basket full of fruits
  • Cut flowers

5th Wedding Anniversary – Wood

Wood symbolizes a long lasting and stable marriage. Suggested gift ideas include:

  • Wooden commemorative plaque
  • Personalized wine box
  • Personalized jigsaw
  • Photo personalized placemats or coasters

10th wedding anniversary – Aluminum/Tin

Aluminum and tin symbolize the malleability and flexibility of a great relationship. Some of the gift ideas consist of:

  • Customized teddy in a tin
  • Engraved brushed aluminum frame
  • Personalised number plate

15th Wedding Anniversary – Crystal

Some of the gift ideas related to crystal include:

  • Wine glasses
  • Champagne flute
  • Engraved crystal tankards

for couples20th Wedding Anniversary – China

Recommended gift ideas for the 20th wedding anniversary include:

  • Dinner service
  • Customized trinket box
  • Personalised Anniversary plate

Wedding anniversaries are the perfect opportunity not only for married couples to honor and cherish their love for each other but also for their friends to surprise them with gifts. The above are some of the remarkable 2016 trends when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts.