The Trend for 2016 in the Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Part 1

Wedding anniversaries are occasions that provide the perfect opportunity for people to express their love for each other. You can celebrate this great day by settling for the best gift for those that matter to you. Whether you are giving a wedding anniversary gift to your husband, wife, or a friend, it is prudent to provide one that makes the recipient feel pleased, special, and happy.

Regardless of whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or the 50th one, it is prudent to choose the perfect traditional or modern gift. Most people have a tendency to switch back and forth between old and current lists. There is no harm in doing so. It seems fun.

Here are the trends for 2016 in the wedding anniversary gifts:

1st Wedding Anniversary – Paper

Perfect 47 Year Anniversary GiftsConventionally, the theme is paper, which symbolizes the strength that is obtained from interlocking fibers. A clock for countless reasons to do with eternal, timeless love is the modern take of the same. Peridot, pearls, or gold jewelry are the precious gemstones/metals associated with a first wedding anniversary. Yellow or gold is the associated color. Pansy or orange blossom is the relevant flower.

When it comes to gift ideas, they include the following:

  • Subscription to a much-loved magazine
  • A photograph by a renowned and professional photographer
  • Concert/movie ticket
  • Commemorative newspaper
  • Photo album

2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cotton

Cotton gifts are given since cotton is always associated with durability and prosperity.

present-498681__180Some of the gift ideas that are relevant to cotton theme include:

  • Anniversary plate or mug
  • A customized trinket box
  • Tee shirt or towel
  • Personalized Bathrobe
  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary – Leather

Leather presents are given because they are associated with being durable thus being analogous to your long lasting marriage. The modern theme is glass or crystal.

Gift ideas for a 3rd wedding anniversary comprises of:

  • Asilver rosen engraved decanter
  • Engraved glass tokens
  • Champagne or wine glasses
  • Perfume bottle
  • Engraved Vase
  • Leather bound book
  • Briefcase or handbag
  • Leather wallet

Keep reading for the 4th Anniversary – continue.